G17 Design / Approval / Appraisal

The G17 management procedure details and provides a structured framework for the management and control of new works, modifications and repairs undertaken on gas systems.

The design cycle is broken down into several distinct Key Stages: Initiation, Design development, Design Approval, Design Appraisal, User acceptance, Installation, Inspection/testing, commissioning and records completion.

For each design independent competent persons are used to Approve and Appraise the works. The Approver/Appraiser has to have extensive, recent and relevant experience of statutory requirements and NGG codes of practice /operations, furthermore they are registered on a nationwide UK NGG database.

Simkiss have been adhering and designing to this system for numerous years throughout the gas sector. We employ a full team of NGG design engineers and in-house registered Approvers/Appraisers to ensure detailed, quality, compliant designs packages are generated. From these packages the works are then installed on-site, using our team of registered installers, to the satisfaction of the client.